I Cum Blood In The Think Tank Reviews

Heathen Harvest
Hebrew for the grand measurement of one liter of semen, Lietterschpich’s ”I cum blood in the think tank!!!!!!!!” is a punishing excursion into an audio experience akin to laughingly rolling about in barrels of barbed wire. And thoroughly enjoying it. Lietterschpich’s brand of frollicking, mad-scientist grindcore is a trip to the dentist after pints of Lsd, and they seem to frighten and thrill everyone who they come across. Check their Myspace blurbology : “The 8-piece group of Lietterschpich has been boiling down foul language, obscene noise, primitive rituals and perplexing visual propaganda to their imitating core, since 2004. Comprised of local veterans of the Israeli post-punk, industrial and electronica scenes, they quickly gained cult status in the Israeli underground. They’ve released “Quasi”, A 3″ black cdr in 2005, before calling it a night and taking a year break. They are back now with their first full-length CD titled “I Cum Blood in the Think Tank” to hostile the cultivated majority that got away last time.”

Rhythmic industrial is becoming quite bass heavy and dubby, or at least some of the Cds passing over my desk are, which is a relief from processed ham radio workouts and being nibbled at by speedy, skipping breakbeats. Just for a change. Lietterschpich pours threatening, heavily reverberant howling into an abyss of glitched loops and rhythmic samples of god-knows-what, straddling dense, nailed-down death-dubs. My fave lyrics were definitely “Arrrggghhh”, followed closely by “Ooahhhh”. Stand out tracks were definitely “Mud and fun!!!” and “Ziz!!!”, which means I’m showing my grind favouritism, but Lietterschpich have brought together the raw experimentalism of say, Whitehouse, or even a young SPK, and tied it down with necrotic, bass-heavy doom-tronics. Apocalyptic, and a lot of fucked-up fun(?). A great fusion of sounds, anti-styles and experimental grindcore from this bunch of action-packed Israeli mentallists.

The six members who comprise Lietterschpich have produced a sort of reverse mutation throwback, a welcome sort of caveman stomp backwards into days of less-digital noise. Using drums, vocals, tape loops, no-input mixers and crusty electronics, the crudely-named I Cum Blood In The Think Tank is a dankly organic album, filled with slow hum and a buzzing, hazy filter obscuring unfriendly screams and primitive thuds. This is no laptop-driven computer noise band, and there are no crisp digital edges here.

The songs all boast brief titles, each appended with one or more exclamation points. From “Mud and Fun!!” to “Mire Blot!!” and the sarcastically-titled “Cookies Downtown!!!” the titles are mere footnotes, and for all the clarity they offer, the songs might as well have been labeled with numbers. It’s possible that the lyrics have something to do with the song titles, but since the vocals are all distorted, reverberated and effected beyond all hope of understanding, it’s a moot point.

“Stockfish!!” and “Malevolent Re-Creation Celebration!!” share a stomping smash-and-crash rhythm, with synth squiggles, low-end buzz, and crazed shouts that bring to mind the late, great Missing Foundation. Though Lietterschpich have a less-confrontational, more Benzedrine-soaked aesthetic. “Ventilation!” approaches Wolf Eyes territory, with rock-style drums holding up the shouts and bursts of noise.

The 12-minute center of the album, “A Horse and a Walk in the Park!!!,” opens with screams and reverberations, reminiscent of old-school noisers like Grey Wolves and Con-Dom, and even a distorted vocal feel akin to vintage Master/Slave Relationship. The achingly slow rhythm and desultory hiss blends with some unexpectedly melodic organ, finally dissolving into stumbling, crashing drums and buzzing noise tones. The organ appears again on the final track, “One Thing Led to the Hit!!,” a dramatic organ-led liturgy overlaid by layers of scuzz and grime.

The foggy, drugged haze overlaying Lietterschpich’s noise does suck some of the power from it, but in place there’s a palpable feel of human hands guiding things. The mysterious blend of shadowy cracked electronics, throat-ripping yowls and pounding drums is at once forbidding and appealing, a paradox lying at the root of one of the best noise albums I’ve heard in some time.

Connexion Bizzare
In 2004 a few friends who wanted to start an industrial noise collective must have been thinking about what to call themselves. One will have to admit that the name they thought of gives a certain, well, “sarcastic” view of their world because the Hebrew ‘Lietterschpich’ – they are from Israel – translates to “a liter of cum”.
So far not much clues on what to expect on their first album, released on the also Israelian Topheth Prophet label. And being released on Topheth doesn’t lead to any expectations because you can expect a lot of different styles on there. So I’ll try something …
Their website at myspace, which is the only website they have, can be found at http://www.myspace.cum/doomdub and within the term ‘doomdub’ also is a core of truth. Even though there is only one true dub track on there (ok, forgive me, but I’m not that much into dub) the slow rhythms and ‘doom’ factor will give an insight an what to expect.
On first listening I wrote down harsh industrial in a mix with power electronics and slow throbbing metal. And to throw in a few names, I could compare their sound with Mental Destruction, really old and harsh SPK, a little bit of Godflesh. An emotional state of agression we can only hear in NTT allthough Lietterschpich is a bit more rhythmic in nature. And at times the sound and structure reminds me of some Haus Arafna, but also more from an emotional point of view, not particulary soundwise.
The 12 tracks on the album have titles which don’t broadcast one particular view on the world. Some seem to be really silly, for example “Stockfish”, “Mud and fun”, “A horse and a walk in the park” and “Cookies downtown”, while there are a few that at least in their title show a certain level of engagement (“Malevolent recreation celebration”, “Petty bourgeois (word of a fraud)” or “Segregation”.
Still after several listenings I do very much like this album. It’s slow and heavy, noisey and nicely layered, full of agression and other emotions and actually good to play an several occasions. Best would be if you have the feeling the world is against you and you just want to react. You’ll find soulmates in that by playing this album.

Musique Machine
I cum Blood in the think tank is seriously punishing and bleak industrial noise punk doom. Built around crude and swarming synth overload and face slamming beat patterns, with overloaded nasty hardcore punk growls and bleeding lungs shouts over the top.

There’s a really unpleasant crude undercurrent running through out the album- it throbs buzzes and chugs along, synths often threaten to drag to a stop as the pound out discordant, wonky and cruel melodies. This is music for year zero, when the streets lay piled with human faeces, broken and smashed technology, dieing men,women and child gurgle out their last vomit breath. This really will be one of the most hopeless, painful and unforgiving album that will squeezes it’s slimy discharged covered self out of your speakers and pin you to the floor in grim wonder and punish you again and again. The mood is slightly ruined by the second to last track that decides to introduce happy sounding dub reggae type elements and naff lo-grade DJ samples- really feeling complete out of place in all the albums despair and cruelties.

An album that charges at you hitting, hurting, and vomiting on you over and over again.

The first thing that caught my attention when I looked at this cd, recorded in 2005 and released two years later by Heart & Crossbone, from the Israeli industrial dub combo Lietterschpich, was the excessive use of exclamation marks in the album and song titles. I’ve been so bold as to simply ignore those. The band name happens to be Hebrew for a liter of ejaculate, which sounds like a well filled sperm bank account.

Delectable yet adhesive details aside, what truly matters is what’s being presented here. Well, the power electronics and death industrial on this cd sound like Skin Chamber, Irm and Master/Slave Relationship crashed into each other head-on, afterwards the broken and mangled remnants were used as good or as bad as it went to build a new vehicle. The tortured electronica hums, growls and fluctuates; the slow and refractory music with sluggish rhythms has been outfitted with distorted, mentally deranged sounding vocals of the kind that instigates nightmares to boot. One track even inclines towards breakcore, but the insanity on this disc is quite different from the madness of Venetian Snares or Hellfish. Besides Merzbow-style white noise there are also discernible structures apparent in the sonic waves, this makes “I Cum Blood In The Think Tank” a listening experience which is all the more imperative. Drone lovers might want to check this out as well, by the way. This is digital doom for advanced nihilists.

Now this debut record creates expectations for the future. Maybe Lietterschpich will be named in one breath with Brighter Death Now and Dissecting Table in a few years time, but that’s just oracling. In other reviews the band has been compared with Whitehouse and Throbbing Gristle, which certainly aren’t lesser gods when it comes to grating electronic noise. Therefore I would advice to keep an eye on this group!

Deaf Sparrow
From the first second on I knew I was in for a treat. And despite the violence ahead, I wasn’t about to back down. I have been dipping my toes in some of those exhausting Troniks releases, and though my tolerance for such extremity isn’t exactly legendary I’ve been known to withstand such outages. The sort of noise that Lietterschpich makes is more structured than the work released by Troniks; there is more of a functional body at play here. Even when totally discordant, tone deaf, pitch less and seemingly random, as on the second track “Calsgigglestick”, where the drums are played with the skill of a lobotomized mental patient, you can hear that there is an awaken intelligence making things move. Purposely, this chilling and defiant record sounds like a crumbling wall. Matter of fact, I Cum Blood in the Think Tank sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a sped up reel of an aging structure that finishes in its collapse.

Scary too, the vocals of Zazbendoom are so extreme and raw, I wish he’d start giving lessons to aspiring and why not, established metal, metalcore and black metal vocalists. “In Finkel Stein Digit” and “Alconsole” he is destined to bring more hands to an ear than Roseanne’s legendary delivery of the American anthem. I am floored by some of this material. There are no beats, and those that resemble them could be more accurately described as unbeats, or beats with no insides. I am also surprised to find out that Lietterschpich hail from Israel of all places. The band has been together since 2004 and I am actually not surprised to find out that members of it have done time on post punk, industrial and electronic bands. It sort of makes sense, as Lietterschpich certainly brings all those potions to the table, ads a couple of buckets of fowl moods and obscene ideas and spits out some of the most radical music I’ve heard this year. Very freaky stuff. Puzzled by their moniker? Be puzzled no more. It means ‘1 liter of cum’ in Hebrew.


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