2 New Releases ! Mourmansk 150 , Kadaver

Topheth Prophet is proud to present :

TP018 Kadaver – Automatic Autopsy cd

TP019 Mourmansk 150 – No Volunteer 4 This Society

A new cd by veteran French power electronics unit After their highly acclaimed La Guerre, L’Anarchie Et le chaos , Mourmansk 150 return with a new assault against western civilization. No Fucking Compromise This time !!!

Nowhere 2 hide and nowhere 2 run Nowhere 2 hide and nowhere 2 run Liberation Liberation Genocide shall be done Genocide shall be done Genocide shall be done!!

no volunteer

19 Tracks

400 Copies

and A new cd album by the mighty KADAVER !!

“… And then had come the scourge, grinning and lethal, from the nightmare caverns of Tartarus. West and I had graduated about the time of its beginning, but had remained for additional work at the summer school, so that we were in Arkham when it broke with full daemoniac fury upon the town. Though not as yet licenced physicians, we now had our degrees, and were pressed frantically into public service as the numbers of the stricken grew. The situation was almost past management, and deaths ensued too frequently for the local undertakers fully to handle. Burials without embalming were made in rapid succession, and even the Christchurch Cemetery receiving tomb was crammed with coffins of the unembalmed dead. This circumstance was not without effect on West, who thought often of the irony of the situation — so many fresh specimens, yet none for his persecuted researches! We were frightfully overworked, and the terrific mental and nervous strain made my friend brood morbidly….”

(h.p lovecraft – Herbert West : Reanimator)

10 Tracks

500 Copies

Serenity is just a razor blade away

each cd is 14$ + postage

order by email : urix93 (at) yahoo (dot) com


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