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Topheth Prophet Releases are 13$ each.
currently available :

  • V/A – Tel Aviv Aftermath
  • Grundik+Slava – Frogs
  • Chaos As Shelter – Dawn Syndrome
  • V/A –
  • Maurizio Bianchi + Maor Appelbaum –  Environmental Meditations
  • Igor Krutogolov – White
  • Lietterschpich – I Cum blood in the think tank
  • Kadaver this time…it’s cancer
  • BARZEL – Born to destroy Amalek
  • Moljebka Pvlse \ Seventeen Migs Of Spring – Ravha \ Electricity Gardens
  • Maor Appelbaum + Hollowing –  Collaborating Torture
  • Drone Lebanon \ Wertham – Roma & Yerushalayim
  • Ur – Trieb
  • Kadaver – Automatic Autopsy
  • Mourmansk 150 – No Volunteer 4 This Society
  • Mourmansk 150 – No Volunteer 4 This Society (limited edition) 25$
  • Molnija Aura – Utopian Suns
  • Koufar – The Purity Of The Cedars
  • Malben – We Dissapear into nothing 9$
  • Mourmansk 150 – Yes We Conflict 14$
  • Anemone Tube – Death over China 16$
  • VA – Zion Sky 11$
  • Holism Gaea – Blakesian Williamness 9$

Other Labels :

artist album label $$
[bleed] black leather uniform nil by mouth 13
[-hyph-] alter.tanacio tourette 12 acid vomit human genocide autumn wind 12 insects autumn wind 12
A Minority Of One Bathe In Fiery Answer autumn wind 12
aaron dilloway bad dreams troniks 12
acclimate miscremant dta 10
acomplice affair act of creation tan kaven ash 10
aeoga coav aural hypnox 13
aeoga zenith beyond the helix locust aural hypnox 13
agiathrias regions of limen epidemie 13
agnivolok cherries the eastern front 12
agnivolok sculptor the eastern front 12
agnivolok sculptor + cherries box the eastern front 40
Agnivolok \ Chaos As Shelter Henbane the eastern front 13
agusti martinez are spirits what I hear etude 10
aiden baker + the infant cycle rural sprawl zhelezobeton 12
alkerdeel luizig at war with false noise 10
all my faith lost in a sea in a lake in a river infinite fog 13
amnon wolman sustains interval 10
amon \ nimh sator eibon 13
anenzephalia ephemral dawn tesco 16
ant bears st 10
anti verstand abgurd 10
antigen shift implicit structures fleshmadeword 10
arbeit zum einem neuen licht autumn wind 12
arc arkhangelsek epidemie 13
archon satani mind of flesh and bones cold spring 13
arkane arcane elitism fossil duneon 12
arktau eos mirrorion aural hypnox 13
aube reworks nimh vol. 1 silentes 13
aural hologrames vol. 1 aural hypnox 13
avsky silent decay reverse enlignment 13
Ain Soph Oktober cd+dvd old europa cafe 20
babylone chaos les machines ecarlates opn 12
babylone chaos lambwool le diktat split opn 12
barbara blessing from the angel of death HCB 12
bardoseneticcube noospere monochrome vision 13
bardoseneticcube perpetuum mbile space vehicle mechanoise labs 13
bardoseneticcube + noises of russia new orthodox line some place else 13
bastard noise 3 dollars date housepig 10
bastard noise + malachi The Immortals housepig 12
bastard noise + Christian Renou Brainstorming II housepig 12
bastard noise + golem gross Universe of Dishonor housepig 12
bastard noise a culture of monsters housepig 12
beyond sensory expirience the dull routine of existence cold meat industry 13
bisclaveret psychenomine the eastern front 12
bizarre uproar bunker sessions housepig 12
Bizarre Uproar / the Cherry Point / Gelsomina split Rokot 10
black leather jesus yes sir filth play mask of the slave 12
black leather jesus first you destroy their faith spatter 12
black seas of infinity amrita autumn wind 12
black seas of infinity + kaniba + ugegi the trinity of non being autumn wind 12
black sun productions astral walk final muzik 13
black sun productions chemism old europa cafe 16
Black Sun Productions The Milky Smell of Phantom Sperm old europa cafe 16
Bleiburg Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter the eastern front 14
bleiburg open wound cd the eastern front 12
bleiburg open wound dvd the eastern front 12
blood axis blot sacrifice n sweden cold meat industry 16
blood stereo for heavy lung chocolate monk 10
blood stereo the little creeper chocolate monk 10
blood stereo time has a pet rattle chocolate monk 10
bonemachine another time tan kaven ash 10
bonemachine vogelfrei tan kaven ash 10
bordo komu man to powiedziec monotype 10
brandkommando keine arbeit macht frei beast of prey 13
brandkommando Patria, Socialismo O Muerte! Sickcore 10
brandkommando + cavum oris several words beast of prey 13
brasil and the galloway brothers band legionowo monotype 10
brighter death now where dreams come true cold meat industry 16
brizbomb kb00 live brizbomb 10
buben prayers of steel – prologue tan kaven ash 10
buben vim tan kaven ash 10
cadaver eyes the acqusition of power over fire hcb 10
catawana + storm of capricorn split twilight 12
chaos as shelter in the shelter of chaos rectrix 13
chaos as shelter live in new jerusalem solipsism 13
chaos as shelter message taalem 10
chaos as shelter midnight prayer \ illusion crowd control 18
chaos as shelter next year in new jerusalem crowd control 13
Cisfinitum Tactio Mechanoise labs 13
clint listing my father my keeper autumn wind 13
clo goelach Baltic Filth Klaustrosignal 12
cloama + gelsomina the duellists new old sentinal 15
clop neplat cd1 some place else 10
closing the eternity nearby being epidemie 10
con dom the eighth pillar functional 16
contagious orgasm from the irresponsible country sounds troniks 12
contagious orgasm + telephrique crosses deeply sssm 13
control the cleansing troniks 12
coph nia holy war cold meat industry 12
coreline please keep moving forward infekted sound 10
corpoparassita inesorabile final muzik 12
critical theatre the last crisis of pleasure feral dungon 10
custodian I syzmic 10
custodian oil and waste syzmic records 10
cyclotimia music for stockmarkets zhelezobeton 13
cyclotimia wasteland stateart 13
Damiano Mercuri European Music And Ballads From Renaissance And Baroque Era th eastern front 14
danny o’reily an evening with danny o’reily solitude 12
dark vibes \ ccamilas nightmare white noise of darkness organic pipeline 10
darkly pale darkly pale cauldron 10
darkwood + chaos as shelter lapis heidenvolk 15
daruin + torturning nurse + stpocolo split abgurd 10
Dave Phillips ? Heart &amp Crossbone 12
dawn & dusk entwinded septentrion cold meat industry 16
dead beat project breaking the shell acoustic death 12
dead black arms Awake from the dead! awake from the dark! dokuro 8
dead mans hill lakes of scrifice bugs crowling out of people 12
dead wood Sunday for everything at war with false noise 12
deadwood ramblack cold spring 13
death in june alarm agents ner 15
death in june lesson 1 : misatropy nerus 26
death in june the world that summer extras nerus 12
Death pact International Siege old europa cafe 21
deathpile final confession paincomplience 13
dense vision shrine a voyage of imagination epidemie 13
derniere volonte obier et mourier nuit et brulliard 30
deutche stereo klangfhart fairplex construct destroy collective 10
deuterror le gueule de guerre stealwork maschine 13
deutsch nepal dystopian partycollection cold meat industry 16
dieter muh carry saluti tesco 13
dvt dvt carnial fructure 12
dwelling moments equilibrium 12
emiter arszyn 70505 monotype 10
emiter arszyn emyszyn monotype 10
eonic shadow abgurd 10
Evan Parker & John Wiese C-Section second layer 13
EVP postmortem canticfes of necromancy autumn wind 12
Filivs Macrocosmi stalker uds 12
fin de siecle patagonia opn 12
fin de siecle presences cauldron 10
fin de siecle tout dispearatira cauldron 10
fire in the head you too shall burn nil by mouth 10
fire in the head confessions of a narcisist cold spring 12
first human ferro corona astralis uds 12
flatline skyline horizons grid mechanoise labs 10
flutwacht breath mask of the slave 12
flutwacht 30 monkies tourette tapes 12
flutwacht second face tourette tapes 12
flutwacht when the dogs come out deserted factory 12
flutwacht\the sounds of earth poltergeist tourette tapes 12
Folkstorm The Forgotten Tapes old europa cafe 16
fransisco lopez untitled 2006 2007 monochrome vision 20
fungal hex fungal hex aurora borealis 15
gedem negative intentions red bootkeh 13
gelsomina nostalgia cipher 13
gelsomina+no xivic furnace some place else 13
genetic torture fractured space 12
genitor lvminis virgae stateart 10
genocide organ Live in Jaoan 2003 2007 tesco 32
genocide organ remember tesco 32
goat caress of steel pitchphase 10
grave in the sky vcutlery hits china hcb 12
gregorio bardini sentinelle del mattino the eastern front 12
gregorio bardini + Gerstein Arise Of A Bleeding Rose the eastern front 12
Gregorio Bardini + Thierry Jolif Kantalon the eastern front 13
the Grey Wolves Judgement Hospital Productions 13
grundik kasyansky live journal rruido 10
grundik+slava for electronics and birds stateart 13
grundik+slava + ambidextrus split ack duck 13
gruntsplatter chronicling the femine desolation house 13
guignol dangereux fingermonsterbuzz organic pipeline 10
h2s proteus soundtrack 10
halo manash am kha astrie aural hypnox 13
halo manash par antra vir aural hypnox 13
halo manash syoma aural hypnox 13
halthan subliminal kill nil by mouth 13
heal extantion sound on probation 12
heal extension sound on probation 12
hilter prepared juju 12
hiv+ hypnoise movement & harsh iron works nein 12
igor krutogolov wardrobe auris media 12
igor krutogolov karte band children for music auris media 12
igor stevanovich devils night jazz tan kaven ash 10
I’m sore + princes dragon mom split msbr 10
imagho + ultra milkmaids by mail sssm 10
immaculate:groutesque circles trunculent 10
inade aldebarn cold spring 13
inade samadhi state loki 16
inhalant save our souls syzmic records 10
inseminoid a mask for jenifer at war with false noise 12
instant movie combinations 9ymbo abgurd 10
institut live like traitors die like traitors cold meat industry 13
institut the struggle never ends cold meat industry 13
institution dol diskoteka dekadetza halbwelt 13
instric action \ iugula thor ensamble sacres gracons old europa cafe 13
irmologion dynatos raig 12
Interior Disposition Taedium Vitae art nihil 12
janko krul some place else 10
jarl sealed void force of nature 10
jazkamer \ howard stelzer tomorrow no one will be safe troniks 12
juhyo mesothesis housepig 12
Juhyo / Joshua Norton Cabal human cargo housepig 10
k. Meizer & horologium eight studies in transition old europa cafe 16
kadaver dead inside red bootkeh 12
kadaver dissected tan kaven ash 12
kadaver happy valentine (heart shaped torture) tan kaven ash 12
kadaver happy valentine (love hurts) tan kaven ash 12
kadaver some animals are equal tan kaven ash 10
Kawabata Makoto the tales of the dream planet housepig 10
kenji siratori human exit tan kaven ash 10
kenji siratori melancholc labotomy tan kaven ash 10
keplers odd a new years gift on hexagonal shadow fractured space 12
kk null galectic tornado quasi pop 13
koff kirk a practical guide to personal serenity organic pipeline 10
korperwelten altars of rape and rage malignant 13
kruzenstern & parohod + vialka split auris media 13
kryptogen rundfunk mechanoise labs 12
kryptogen rundfunk + hladna rokton + fermanta zhelezobeton 10
L.E.A.K duochromatic fin the cycle 12
L.E.A.K redemption stateart 13
la maison moderne day by day wkn 13
laurent perrier as far as sound on probation 12
laurent perrier downfall\disperse sound on probation 18
le forbici di manitu tagliare small voices 13
Ledger the main observatio 12
legendary pink dots legendary pink box caciocavallo 19
letum the entrance to salavation cold meat industry 12
life’s decay anleva abstrakness 10
life’s decay art decay extrimism abstrakness 10
life’s decay lysselia abstrakness 10
ligne claire steelkraft manufactory 12
lngtche music for untitled film by m. Zarkof etude 12
luminous links tara 10
macelleria mobile di mezzanotte \ profile la dalia nera sin org 13
Majutsu No Niwa at the end of summer Musik Atlach 12
Makita Cleavlend Ohio housepig 12
majdanek waltz hamlet’s childhood the eastern front 12
marie mascenti moritun te salutant final muzik 13
marie mascenti raise your paw to the sky and break the tuce final muzik 13
marvargr likstank 205 recordings 16
massaccesi 10
maurizio bianch+frequency in cycles per sound chaostiche fraktale silentes 13
maurizio bianchi a m.b. Lhen tale small voices 12
maurizio bianchi dead colors silentes 12
maurizio bianchi mi nihil asylum small voices 12
maurizio bianchi + atrax morgue m+t silentes 13
maurizio bianchi + maor appelbaum electroacoustic deflections silentes 13
Maurizio Bianchi Spiritualis Kubitsuri Tapes 12
maurizio bianchi + siegmar fricke primordium tan kaven ash 13
maurizio bianchi + siegmar fricke stroma-konkrat monochrome vision 13
maurizio bianchi + th26 arkaeo planum small voices 12
mb nauro habitat abgurd 13
mb regel final muzik 13
MB \ MDT genological technoside spatter 13
MB + Nimh togethers symphony silentes 40
megaptera staring back at you malignant 13
megaptera you will never survive this nightmare live bait recordings 18
merzbow peace for animals quasi pop 13
metaconquerer of steel bone and fire syzmic 12
miel noir der honigflugel the eastern front 12
miel noir weir the eastern front 12
mike hansen at every point etude 10
mildew flat on the face hcb 12
mirt oh you are so naive monotype 10
moljebka pvlse sadalsuud some place else 13
MoneyI$God M.A.R.K.Z Heart &amp Crossbone 12
moljebka pvlse + horologium kaukausus beast of prey 13
monstrare novum ott force of nature 10
mortalmanifest wake house of the last light 10
mortuor I’m Waiting for you… syzmic 10
mortuor nekro schiso nil by mouth 10
moth electrat tocasen diophntine disc 13
mourmansk150 la guerere lanarchie le chaos nil by mouth 13
murderous vision gohsts of the solus long lost live bait recordings 16
murderous vision the times without gods live bait recordings 13
mux the second confession raig 13
mz.412 infernal affairs cold meat industry 16
N. failure abgurd 13
N. life dumpsterscore 13
napalmed never mind the msbr here is napalmed napalmed 12
napalmed up your ears tinnitus stand against vivisection 12
navicon torture technologies Gospels of the gash malignant 25
nazi bastards from aldebaran invasion zhelezobeton 12
necromondo necromondo mechanoise labs 12
necropolis necrosphere cold spring 13
negro pvlse medeira old europa cafe 13
nekya purgatory as the serpent domain beast of prey 12
neon rain we are vultures stealwork maschine 16
new risen thorne \ cruel harvest shadows over humanity autumn wind 13
nick grey & random orchestra regal daylight stateart 13
nihil t nada musica flora manica organic pipeline 10
niko skorpio delta amoeba some place else 10
niko skorpio escape from heaven some place else 12
niko skorpio half born in half light some place else 12
niko skorpio + kouhei matsunaga split desserted factory 12
nimh subterraean thoughts silentes 13
nimh the impossible days amplexus 13
nimh the unkept secret silentes 13
nipsy russolo noise reduction housepig 10
no xivic killing culture onyxia 12
noises of russia experimental structure zhelezobeton 12
noisewerrrrk amok 10
noisewerrrrk misantrophy is a virtue antimoderne tontrager 10
noiz&zelenth noirtag nein 10
nordvargr pyrrhula cold spring 13
nordvargr + bse + siratori hypergenome666 old europa cafe 32
nordvargr + drkh + klier the less you know the better old europa cafe 16
nyrlathotep skilful means housepig 10
o paradis pequenes canciones de amor tourette 13
objekt4 her face among the shadows 12
objekt4 mindrcars 16
Obozdur Winter Canabinol Essence art nihil 12
one for jude figures infinite fog 12
organisation toth birth of light old europa cafe 12
ori drumer in the heart of the dozing pool drrr 12
origami galectica + i:wound + inderst ella monolake purple soil 12
osman arabi burninig sigils fractured space 12
ovro geyendurchyangeneit some place else 12
ovro revisisted some place else 12
ovro vipra qurea some place else 12
ovro + niko skorpio live in placecard some place else 12
ozymandies les doutes eternals ramses 12
p. Miles bryson a long days tango into the night sssm 12
panther modern salem at war with false noise 12
paranoia inducta pia fraus beast of prey 12
patryk zakrocki prace z obrazkiem monotype 10
paul bradly moraines 2 small voices 12
pbk \ telephrique noise ambient connection monochrome vision 13
par aspera nil desperandum new nihilism 12
Peter J. Woods Fairweather Mask autumn wind 12
phragments homo homini lupus construct destroy collective 13
phragments the earth shall not cover their blood malignant 13
Phragments & Korinth Mysteries Of The Greylands Greytone 14
poochlatz victims of self preservation hcb 12
poylone black grains sound on probation 12
poylone grounded hands sound on probation 12
Praying For Oblivion Turm Schweigen obscurex 12
propergol program vengence malignant 13
proscriptor the serpentine has risen dfr 10
prurient black post society cold spring 12
pulse emitter violent cosmos organic pipeline 10
r.y.n astral death unrest 12
Ramleh valediction second layer 14
rapoon escapin from color quasi pop 13
refuse to die collection of agnostic files the eastern front 12
reptilian the hellbender suite some place else 10
respirator monochrome organic pipeline 10
rolf julius white yellow black electro ohm 12
rosa rouvine e amanti early and unreleased songs the eastern front 12
Roto Visage Where The Mandrakes Grow autumn wind 12
rotorvator ep dokuro 8
rough sex quartat rape baby at war with false noise 12
runes order thye art of scare and sorrow beyond prods 12
SantAAgostino Operazione Paura Greytone 14
scrap.edx non linear interfacing dta 10
screening low end maor appelbaum prods 10
sektor x Rzeczywistość sickcore 10
sedaya marg frashogard coup detat communications 12
seven morgues fallacius formless and fragmentary house of the last light 12
seven morgues something to cry about house of the last light 12
shadow theatre live in kaiserslautren dvd tan kaven ash 12
shinjuku thief the scribbler cold spring 12
sickness + slogun the scars of hapiness \ always numb troniks 12
silbernacht ajna 12
silence & strength le vivin caliostro the eastern front 12
silence & strength opus paracelsum the eastern front 12
sing sing penelope music for umbrellas monotype 10
Sistrenatus Magnetic Resonance Sophisticate Pleasure Records 10
skullflower malediction second layer 13
sky burial st housepig 12
Simulacra There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood ConSouling Sounds, No Angels Productions 14
slave auction learned helplessness 10
sleep research facility nostromo cold spring 13
south saturn delta expirience the concreteness cold spring 13
steel hook prostheses atrocitizer malignant 13
steel hook prostheses light reflected from a cold cutting table paincomplience 13
steel hook prostheses exploring the outer lesion clinical records 12
stefan fraunberger safara tan kaven ash 10
stelladrine you will never see your world again mechanoise labs 12 devine legions beyond psyche malignant 14
sulphur der fluch des lebens carnial fructure 12
sunao inami an impulse of acoustic electro ohm 10
sunao inami delayed electro ohm 10
sunao inami repeater electro ohm 10
suttclife jugend pigdaddy cold spring 13
t.a.c splintered small voices 10
t.a.c twilight rituals small voices 10
t.a.c waiting for twilight small voices 10
tabor radosti lamat epidemie 10
taint sex sick ajna 13
tardive dyskinesia abuse thonar 10
TEF \ Bastard noise astronomical sound engine troniks 12
telepherique zivilisatose diophntine disc 13
tenhornedbeast the sacred truth cold spring 13
testing valut the laughging torso final muzik 13
text of light a fabulus lunch final muzik 13
the cherry point night of the bloody tapes troniks 12
the haters Nikumu 2007 Kubitsuri Tapes 12
the domestic front datenschutz belsona 10
the domestic front having acheived belsona 10
the infant cycle playout zhelezobeton 10
the mystery school dawn of the magicians amplexus 10
the mystery school triangle of the sun amplexus 10
the rita thousands of dead gods troniks 10
the rite + wilt werewolf in the black space cipher 12
the valut \ Âmes Sanglantes split Sophisticate Pleasure Records 10
thelema burnt memories small voices 10
Theme Valentine (Lost) Forever Heart & Crossbone 12
thomas nola so long lale andersen eskimo lapin 12
thomas nola the doctor eskimo films 12
thunderwheel credo the eastern front 12
tod durch arbeit \ flutwacht repulsive thoughts theremin noise club 12
tore h boe sueva siesta purple soil 10
troum symballein small voices 12
tugend optimism is for the weak somanbulant 10
turbund sturmwerk turbund sturmwerk loki 16
tvmvlvvs seraphim centenarians devine lunacy beyond prods 10
ultra united ultra audience stateart 12
unicorn playing with light housepig 10
ur baptism 12
ur triadic memories afe 12
ur + craig hilton I will be the light afe 12
uranium ussr 1972 avarie small voices 10
va Hate Tasting sickcore 14
va 74*13 dta 10
va anomalous silencer napalmed 10
va Eleven Notes In Black mask of the slave 12
va apocaliptic streams apocaliptic radio 10
va cold meat industry live in australia cold meat industry 22
va collapse festival stateart 12
va contre tous dead mind 10
va dark pathways vlol. 2 crunch pod 10
va electro age 1 latex 10
va flowers made of snow cold meat industry 16
va funeral songs crowd control 13
va go-to-cat-man-do monotype 12
va hopes die in winter beast of prey 12
va how to stay young & healthy abgurd 16
va incendium 2 loki 10
va international zvucoprocessing zvucoprocessor 19
va jap – il comp hcb 12
va juche 18
va kobe underground festival electro ohm 10
va la folie il corpo riflesso sin org 12
va nurvous noise nurvous nurse 12
va perception multiplied cold meat industry 12
va revelation bugs crowling out of people 12
va salon decadence neo form 10
va secret lords heidenvolk 13
va songs from the dark room spatter 12
va sweetness will overcome segerhuva 14
va syndrome sin#6 syndrome 10
va tal monte de luna final muzik 13
va the golden age of darkness 2 dfr 12
va traxcce su eicool sat sin org 12
va where tatterd clouds are standing the eastern front 18
va widerstand stateart 18
va with eyes wide open house of the last light 10
vanessa van basten le stanza di swedenburg radiotarab 12
vectorscope monitoring the blind maor appelbaum prods 10
veee deee at war with false noise 10
Vennt vennt housepig 10
vestigial aeon 10
vilagoc ubytki beast of prey 12
vomit orchestra anticroux autumn wind 12
wach the fear tan kaven ash 10
tony wakeford Not All Of Me Will Die the eastern front 14
werck & drool on their knees red bootkeh 12
wertham memories from the pigsty tesco 16
Werewolf Jerusalem nang nak syzmic 10
winter palace st pitchphase 12
winters in osaka secret roads at war with false noise 10
wolfarm thinking dust monotype 10
womba the 27th baku komisar raig 10
wulgata ressurection of those days beast of prey 13
xx commitee network 13
zeni geva maximum money monster cold spring 13
zero times infinity folded time 1 10
zev rhytmajik small voices 12
zoat aeon star autopsy aural hypnox 13
Zonkt itching brume 12
Zonkt purr sound on probation 12
Zonkt trope sound on probation 12