Releases TP022 – TP026

TP022 MALBEN – We Dissapear into nothing CDR 2011

1 Postpartum Depression
2 We Disappear Into Nothing
3 Cosmic Dust
4 Postpartum Depression (reprise)

Recorded live at Uganda bar, Jerusalem on Aug. 30, 2010
Mastering – Finkelstein

TP023 Mourmansk 150 – Yes We Conflict CD 2012

1 One More Dead Soldier
2 Komando 150
3 Burn Bruni Burn
4 I Nationale F
5 Il Nãy A Rien Pour Toi
6 Kill The Veneer
7 Fucking Shit – Taking Fake Facts
8 Concealed Weapon
9 The Slaughtered Remnants
10 Crave
11 Franceãs Atrocious Geopolitical Medallings ¹ Part V Extinction And Replacement
12 Franceãs Atrocious Geopolitical Medallings ¹ Part IV Noxious Doctrines
13 Franceãs Atrocious Geopolitical Medallings ¹ Part II Deposition
14 Franceãs Atrocious Geopolitical Medallings ¹Part 0 Encore 1 Bon Soldat (Mort)

Featuring contributions of Kadaver , Anemone Tube , Sewer goddess , Antracot
500 Copies

TP024 Anemone Tube – Death Over China CD 2011

1 Black Death Rise
2 I Shall Forever Invoke
3 Prayer Walk
4 Brooding Haze
5 The Announcement (Death Over China)
6 The Desecration From Within

Artwork By – Anemone Tube
Mastered By – James Plotkin
Limited to 731 copies
a joint release with silken tofu

‘Death over China’ is a unique blend of dark ambient, post industrial and power electronics in the tradition of European industrial music. Using field recordings, collected in China in 2007, ANEMONE TUBE creates an unsettling yet intriguing sound experience with a sinister atmosphere and an apocalyptic undertone.


TP0025 VA – Zion Sky cd 2012

1 Astrid Thingplatz – Kan
2 Anat Ben-David – Shemesh
3 Tony Wakeford – Lahav Hazemer
4 Hadar – First Night (Shekheyanu)
5 Yarden Erez – Breakfast
6 TenHornedMoses – Judah Is A Lion’s Whelp
7 Sturmgeist – To The Pioneers Of Labour Zionism
8 Alma Alloro – Hamalach Sheli
9 Ma’atz – Hasha’on Hahistory
10 Duralex Sedlex – Shir Hagiben
11 Foresta Di Ferro – Diglenu
12 Seven Morgues – How Children Draw Atonement Day
13 Poochlatz – Black Milk
14 Charlie Megira – Haperach La’parpar

the CD was produced as part of ‘Where to?’ exhebition in the Israeli Center For Digital Art with theme of hidden/forgotten/neglected currents in Zionism.
It was assembled and compiled by Avi Pitchon aiming to appropriate Laibach’s approach and tactic (without any limitation on musical direction besides perhaps a general desire for the sound, as well as content, will express a certain utopian awe) and apply it to Zionist history, thinking, texts and aesthetics.


tp027 Holism Gaea ‎– Blakesian Williamness Cdr 2012



1 Antares Fall
2 But In The Wine Presses…
3 Ah! Sunflower
4 …The Human Grapes Sing Not Nor Dance
5 The Argument
6 Weeping Meadow

Offering a firm interpretation to William Blake’s thorough stance of duality in mankind existence, and the significance of good and evil (as primarily featured on his book, “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”), Holism Gaea is a new duo that valiantly leaps into this torrid maze of a multi disciplinary work of art – and transferring it to a new domain – by translating it to sound through space and time.

Charged with a portion of noise and post industrial alienation, ‘Blakesian Williamness’ erupts with “Antares Fall”: a hypnotic monotonous beat leading a bleak and astral space-noise journey into hell, followed by a psychedelic twang and some static noises that leak into “But in the Wine Presses…” who recalls Coil and the finest indifferent moments on Spectrum’s “Forever Alien” album, before landing in cosmos heaven with the surprisingly gentle and quasi-melodic “Ah! Sunflower”, a beautiful poem by Blake which at this point makes every word, coming out of Holism Gaea’s vocalist, shiver: “…Where the Youth pined away with desire/ And the pale virgin shrouded in snow / Rise from their graves and aspire / Where my Sunflower wishes to go”

More elevating cosmic noise tracks to follow, such as the epic and dark “The Argument”, yet once “Blakesian Williamness” ends, peaceful silence will never seem so out of reach and will never be taken for granted again.

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